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Specialist piling contractor Hill Piling undertakes foundation work for some of the biggest names in the industry, designing different pile types for different projects. It currently has nine rigs, and a turnover of around £6million per annum.

The need

While many other companies were failing, Hill Piling undertook an aggressive expansion plan, moving to larger premises and streamlining operations. “I realised that some things needed to change.” explains Sue Moore, Business Development Manager for Hill Piling. “The company had been largely dependent on repeat business and existing clients. If we wanted to grow, we needed new clients, new business leads and a tool that could help us find those opportunities. I did my research, and it led me to Glenigan.”

The Glenigan Solution

Glenigan’s representative showed how the subscription could work for the business. “Comparing the results obtained through Glenigan to the results we’d been achieving through other means, it was obvious we could get so much more from Glenigan at a lower cost.” says Moore. “I knew it was just what we needed.” Initially using its subscription to identify and contact new clients, Hill Piling now focuses on tracking new projects and contracts, approaching contractors at the outset of the project.


“Glenigan enables us to see exactly who’s bidding on a given project, so we can contact and send our quote to each and every bidder giving us a much better chance of winning the business.” says Moore. “People are genuinely happy to receive the information, you just need to find them – and do so before the competition does.” In the couple of years since taking up its subscription with Glenigan, Hill Piling’s client list has grown by over 300% to include some of the largest construction companies in the industry.

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